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My Colors

#149dcc - Hyperteal

I use this for stuff that links off of any of my sites. You can see this at the bottom of this page. Or... not see it at all, I suppose!

#9f2626 - Soft Red

It's red, and I use this for the navigational menu at the top of the page, and the footer at the bottom of the page.

#540f0f - Dark-ish Red

Used on the footer, which is located on the bottom of all webpages.

#30269f - Indigo

This color hasn't been used on a website or logo, yet. I wonder what it will be used on the future. Oh... the possibilities!

#EFEFEF - Not Super White

I use this for subtitles. For any text underneath a header. Or for dramatic effect. Kind of. Like. This. Cool, huh?

#000000 - Hello darkness, my old friend!

Can anyone hear me? It's dark in here. So very dark in here!

Other Colors

#7289DA - Blurple

This is Discord's color, not mine. I use it on the homepage in the dedicated section for Discord servers. For more info on Discord's branding, click here.

Images & Logos

These images shall not be used by no one but those who are authorized to use them! Thank you.