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My sites use the Contemporary font face.

My Colors

#149dcc - Hyperteal

I use this for stuff that links off of any of my sites. You can see this at the bottom of this page. Or... not see it at all, I suppose!

#9f2626 - Soft Red

It's red, and I use this for the navigational menu at the top of the page, and the footer at the bottom of the page.

#540f0f - Dark-ish Red

Used on the footer, which is located on the bottom of all webpages.

#30269f - Indigo

This color hasn't been used on a website or logo, yet. I wonder what it will be used on the future. Oh... the possibilities!

#EFEFEF - Not Super White

I use this for subtitles. For any text underneath a header. Or for dramatic effect. Kind of. Like. This. Cool, huh?

#000000 - Hello darkness, my old friend!

Can anyone hear me? It's dark in here. So very dark in here!

Other Colors

#7289DA - Blurple

This is Discord's color, not mine. I use it on the homepage in the dedicated section for Discord servers. For more info on Discord's branding, click here.

Images & Logos

Since I use stock photos on some of my design work, images have their own policies on what they may be used for.

Images marked as "owned by me" may not be used outside of design projects made or endorsed by me.
Images marked as "Royalty-Free" are completely free to use.

Feel free to browse the gallery right below!